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Every week, we're privileged to be trusted by the most special and talented of people.

The majority of our work is fuelled through recommendations which we couldn't be more proud of.

The biggest benefit to what we do is that so many people start of as a client but many go on to become close friends of ours.


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René Carayol, world leadership expert, is one such example. This article really touched us and is a reminder of the impact we get to have on people every day.

If it’s a vital initiative that requires perfection, then look no further than Amit and Naroop.

Simply the best photographers you could wish for. They attract you by their talent and retain you by their commitment and outstanding values.
— rené Carayol
The world is a place full of people trying to promote themselves and what they do. Amit and Naroop help you and your people cut through the noise. And they make it a lot of fun to do.
— atif sheikh, Business 3.0
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Amit and Naroop have always been impressed by their high energy and professionalism. Their passion for their craft goes beyond the lens to ensure that every detail is accounted for. Although Amit and Naroop are very different as individuals, as a pair they compliment each other perfectly
— Shalimar Adormo, Senior Operation Officer, World Bank Group
“Amit and Naroop are an awesome pair to work with – super professional, energetic, creative and sometimes bring along a beautiful cute dog – I would highly recommend these guys”
— Helen O’Donnell, Senior Marketing Manager, BBC
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Amit & Naroop are professional role models. Their aspiration and enthusiasm is infectious and makes them a pleasure to work with but also just to be around.
— ben sumner - director, feel for music
Powerful, inspiring, thought provoking. There is no one out there like them.
— cosimo turroturro - speakers associates
Amit & Naroop bring their own distinctive style and originality to a shoot, and do so in the most positive, friendly and enthusiastic way. Can’t fault these guys.
— Charlotte Giles - marketing and events manager, AOP
Amit and Naroop are great at ideas; coming up with fresh ways to get people excited and adapting to the needs of the audience. Engaging public speakers, they deliver great content, sharing their knowledge and getting laughs at the same time!
— ruth burgess, events manager, the photography show
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I wasn’t sure how the dynamic of a photographic duo would work, but since their first shoot for ShortList it’s quickly apparent that it brings a unique approach, an energy, a desire to create engaging imagery which is all down to their relationship and how they work bounce off each other to produce an uplifting atmosphere. They’re a force to be reckoned with.
— Kevin fay, art director, shortlist magazine
Energy, enthusiasm, passion – they might be overused words by magazine journalists, but they’re still the best to describe Amit and Naroop. From meeting them at the AOP Student Awards through interviewing them in tandem with photographer Ian Farrell to listening to them give talks, they exude enthusiasm and approachability. What a perfect combo in a photographic duo.
— Lisa Clatworthy, deputy editor, professional photographer magazine
Amit and Naroop have an amazing ability to disarm you with their charm, humour, intellect and wisdom. The end result is creative genius; photos that capture a remarkably honest and stylish reflection of their clients. They are a joy to be around; it is hard not to be drawn in by their infectious energy and spirt.
— pavita Cooper, talent and diversity consultant

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