Public Speaking

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“The perfect double act. Informative, entertaining and engaging. They deliver what you need.”

René Carayol MBE

We started out as two naive young guys with a dream. Self taught in both the creative and business worlds, we've made mistakes.

 Tons of them. 

But we had no plan B.

No C.V. 

Just plan A.


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Nothing builds a relationship like going through adversity. 

In our partnership, fourteen years strong, we have been there and done it. We are proud to say through hard work, perseverance and belief, we are at the top of our game. 

We've developed world class skills in entrepreneurship, team work, creativity and motivation, topics that we share in our high energy, high impact talks. 

The execution of our internationally renowned photography project that led to our book 'Turbans and Tales', owes is success to these skills.  

Through the creation of the project and book, and having built multiple businesses, we have accumulated stories, views, ideas and opinions that we believe every modern organisation needs to hear. 

We'd love to share them with you.



Powerful, inspiring, thought provoking. There is no one out there like them.
— Cosimo turroturro - speakers associates


The world is a place full of people trying to promote themselves and what they do. Amit and Naroop help you and your people cut through the noise. And they make it a lot of fun to do.
— Atif Sheikh - CEO business 3.0



Topics covered in our talks:

Entrepreneurship  |  Creativity  |  Communication  |  Diversity and Inclusion  |  Innovation  |  Building Strengths  |  Teamwork  |  Goal Setting  |  Collaboration  |  Leadership  |  Coaching  |  Inspiration and Empowerment  |  Vision and Values  |  Overcoming Setbacks



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