A bit about us....


Left:   Amit    Right:   Naroop

Left: Amit

Right: Naroop

Many people ask, how we work so well together as a duo.

Our answer is simple. We see ourselves as two sides of the same coin. 

Born and raised in West London, we came together in 2003. We began our careers shooting in a make shift studio in Amit’s parent's living room.

Word spread and we began working with the biggest record labels, photographing the most successful artists of the time. 

Our work went on to embrace advertising and portraiture, all interpreted with our characteristic passion and style and we have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest international brands. 

See us in action in the videos below. 


Some Of Our Clients....

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Press We've Been In....

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Us in action....

BBC World Interview

London Live Interview

Behind The Scenes - Kaiser Chiefs Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes - Joel Dommett Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes - Jodie Marsh Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes - Huawei Photoshoot